Server Requirements For WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber.

WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber do not save any video on server.  You don’t require big & expensive server. WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber easily run on shaired server. It need very basic server requirement to run a video blog website. We use smart logic to Grab Video Title, Video Image & Embed Code automatically from source websites.

Server Requirements:

+ Server Type: Linux Server (WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber is fully compatible on Linux environment).

+ Apache Version: 2.2.8 or above.

+ PHP Version: 5.2.6 or above.

+ *Max Execution Time should be ZERO (0) [max_execution_time = 0] in php.ini

+ MySQL Version: 5.0.5 or above.

+ CURL enabled.

+ mb_detect_encoding enabled.

+ Apache URL Rewriting on.

+ SimpleXML enabled.

+ WordPress 2.9 or above.

* You can make unlimited numbers of category and grab unlimited numbers of videos so you need to change [max_execution_time = 0] default time is (30) in php.ini. When you grab thousands of videos then script take time so you need to set [max_execution_time = 0] in your php.ini. We have already coded in script but it does not work on some server. You need to set in php.ini.