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WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber, Best Wordpress Youtube Video Plugin/Theme
WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber, is fully compatible with 980 WP-Tube-Plugin Tube Themes.

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Save time and money using our tried and tested application Youtube Video Plugin & Theme to create wp youtube video gallery plugin faster. Get top-notch support whenever you need it.  WP Youtube Video Grabber Grabs Videos Title, Video Image, Embed code from TOP Two(2) video sites are & WP Youtube Video Grabber can grab videos from multiple categories like Funny, Songs, Sports… It can grab thousands of videos automatically from provided source feeds. This is MOST TRUSTED WordPress Youtube Grabber Plugin for wordpress . FREE Life Time E-mail, Bug Fixes, Chat Support & No domain limits.

WP Youtube Video Grabber is a premium wordpress video plugin / theme package that turns WordPress into a powerful youtube gallery . It is easy to install and in less than 10 mins you will have your own youtube video gallery.

WP Youtube Video Grabber is the Best WP Video Plugin/Theme . This is the Most Trusted Premium WordPress Youtube Video Plugin/Theme are available in market.

WP Youtube Video Plugin is the combination of best WP Video Plugin and Theme, the best WP Youtube Embed Video Grabber CMS platform. With this plugin is easy to create Automated WP Youtube Gallery. Your Video Site will be automatically updated everyday!! It’s perfect to create Large Video Site from embed videos.

WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber is a powerful tool for grabbing youtube videos with a wide list of features that every professional Video site needs! Unlike other WP Video scripts, our main goals are to make sure you will monetize your WP Youtube Videos Plugin site! The scalability and control you have over the script will ease your way to a successful video site. Please be sure to check out the long list of features and if you have any questions just use the contact form.

Features and benefits of using WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber

WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber Is An All In One WP Youtube Video Plugin & WP Video Theme That Have All The Necessary Features That Are Needed To Run A Powerful Video Site.  No Need To Worry About Updating Site. WP Youtube Video Grabber Automatically Grab New Videos From Source Sites. 

Plugins Features
Grab Videos From TOP Two (2) Video Search Engines ( &
Grab Thousands Of Videos Automatically.
Add Custom Video From Any Other Video Site.
Import Videos As Draft/Pending Rather Than Publish.
Add/Edit/Delete Video Source Category Anytime.
Grab Videos From Multiple Categories (Eg.Funny, Sports, News, ..).
No Duplicate Videos.
No Duplicate Title.
Completely Dynamic Tags.
Customize Player Size At Runtime.
Theme Features
Awesome 112 Video Themes.
Ten(10) Advertisement Space In WP Theme.
Display YOUR AD Over embed videos. Click Here
Display WEBSITENAME Over Embed Video Player. Click Here
Recent Videos, Top Rated, Most Rated Videos.
Most Viewed, Most Discussed & Random Videos.
Featured Videos Section.
Big Video Player Size (640 X 450).
Visitor Can Comments On Any Video.
Visitor Can Rate Any Videos.
SEO Friendly Theme.
Some Life Time Advantages
Life Time FREE Bug-Fix, Email, Chat Support.
Life Time Future Version Free Download (Plugin & Theme).
Life Time 24x7x365 Free Support.
You Can Directly Chat With Our Technical Staff And Discuss Your Problem. They Will Resolve Your Problem At Spot Within Minute.
No Domain Limits. You Can Install It On UNLIMITED DOMAINS.
Free Personal Support.

Youtube Video Grabber, Try it you'll like it!

WP Youtube Video Grabber grabs the Video Title, Video Image & Embed code of the videos from several providers and automatically publish the post! You don’t need to host ANY video in your own server, all videos will be published using the original embed code from the provider.

Youtube Video Grabber is a powerful piece of software that allows you to easily create video gallery. WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber the Complete Package of (WordPress Youtube Video Plugin + WordPress Video Theme). WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber is the Best wp youtube video gallery software for WordPress, complete wp youtube video plugin for WordPress.

There is a new WP Youtube Videos Grabber and wp video theme (combined) available from WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber, that enables you to import thousands of youtube videos automatically with a single click.

Easy to setup, wp video plugin turns your WordPress blog into a 100% legal youtube gallery with embed videos! Put your site on auto pilot with automatic updates using adult sponsor feeds: wp video plugin can schedule and publish thousands of videos automatically!

Review the facts WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber is the best.

WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber can grab videos from different categories. Please check below image how to add new video category. While adding a new category you need to put Source category URL from you want to grab videos, number of videos you want to grab from that category page, select destination category, feed status. You can keep videos as Draft/Pending/Publish.

After adding category you can view the list of your categories. Please check below image. You can Enable/Disable Feeds, update category URL, change destination category, delete category, change number of videos to be grab.

WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber allow you to grab videos from multiple categories . You can grab videos from videos category like Funny, Commedy, Sports……………………………From source feeds. You can make youtube gallery wordpress. of videos category and grab thousands of videos with single click.

If source feed is broken or videos not comming from selected category then just login to our support forum and download the patches. Source feeds often broken when source website make any changes in script.