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WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber Is An All In One WP Video Plugin That Have All The Necessary Features That Are Needed To Run A Powerful Video Site. No Need To Worry About Updating Site. WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber Automatically Grab New Videos From Source Sites.

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Standard Theme LIVE in action. Standard Theme is in Single Color (Default) .

Premium Theme LIVE in action. Premium Theme with Youtube-Grabber(Pro) package has 112 Themes color . Click Here to view the all themes color. You can change theme anytimes from wp-admin. Click here how to change the theme color.

*Please note that the developement version of the WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber bundle (WP Video Plugin + WP Video Theme) being used on Standard Theme and Premium Theme might not be exactly the same version currently available to customers… but we offer free updates for life  (For YVG(Pro) Only)!  After checking out our demo site, Go to our Buy Now page whenever you are ready.