YVG(Pro) Screenshots

YVG Payment Page

YVG Payment Info : Before grabbing videos you need to enter YVG(Pro) payment info from your purchase wp-youtube-videos-grabber.

YVG Feeds

YVG Feeds : You find categories you already created. You can update source category URL, Status, Max Videos & destination URL. You can Grab videos from any page you want.

Add Video Category

Add Video Category : Here you can add new category and set maximum number of videos to be import, destination category & feed status.

YVG Settings

YVG Settings : Here you can update the video player size & can set the number of feeds per page on "YVG Feeds". Default is 10 FEEDS per page.

YVG Cron Job Module

YVG Cron Job Module : Here you can see your all cron job files URL and you can copy and paste this URL and grab videos automatically.

Add Custom Video

Add Custom Video : Add your custom video by entering (video title, embed code and video image) from any other tube site.

Display TEXT On Player

Display SITENAME On Video Player : Display your custom text on video player. please Click Here how it will display on site.


 YVG(Basic) have same screenshot but YVG(Basic) Garb from One Feed (Youtube Only) 


WP-Youtube-Videos-Grabber, there's no better way to make video site.

YVG(Basic) Feeds:- Youtube.com. You will get Standard Theme free along YVG(Baisc). Standard Theme live in action please Click Here

YVG(Pro) Feeds:- Youtube.com, Metacafe.com. You will get Premium Theme free along YVG(Pro). Premium Theme live in action please Click Here